Next-level Thinking

Speed and Flexibility: Virtual Customer Journey Mapping

Knowing what a customer experiences or is supposed to experience as they interact with your organization or your product/service is critical to

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Simplify Your Product & Software Design Efforts

There’s lots of ideas out there, but turning an idea into a real product is challenging. The best product designers are able to work virtually with

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Six Tips for More Effective Virtual Meetings

Sometimes it seems meetings can be either a blessing or a curse. When they are well run, they can provide a productive path to making sound decisions

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Facilitating Agile Ways of Working Through Digital Collaboration Tools

As the speed of business accelerates, more organizations are adapting Agile project methodologies to accelerate innovation, make decisions more

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Collaborating Virtually Online and Offline

Several weeks ago, I participated in a series of work sessions with a client which was conducted over a live video platform. The group included

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Using Video to Improve Team Communication

The ability to visualize ideas is significant.  With remote work arrangements still dominating many businesses and industries, having a

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Better Ways to Build on Others’ Ideas

Most of us are called upon frequently to provide feedback during our daily work or personal lives. We give feedback when we interact with co-workers,

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Choosing the Best Way and the Best Place to Make Decisions Virtually

There are multiple ways that organizations, social institutions, and even families reach decisions affecting a group of people. The continuum of

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Getting the Balance Right

When teams come together to brainstorm issues and identify solutions, they achieve the best results when all the participants provide input and

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