Next-level Thinking

How to Lead a Collaborative Team

Several years ago, I was leading a team of young startup executives. We soon realized that we did not really know much about strategy and leadership.

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Six Ways to Lose Your Virtual Team

In the world of sports, we sometimes hear commentators say that a coach has “lost the locker room” or “lost the team.” Those observations may

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Five Tips to Making Virtual Meetings Awesome

Conducting virtual meetings is not like the “good old days” when everyone was in the same room together. For example, in a face-to-face setting,

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Using Virtual Platforms to Spur Creativity

Recently I read a book that explores the premise that software developers are creative by nature. This may surprise those of us who are not coders.

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Tapping Into the Power of Teams

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision: the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational

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Engaging Students Virtually

As we watch kids participating in distance learning at school over the last several months, it seems most of the content is delivered through

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Leveraging the Power of Visualization

How often are you talking with somebody and realize you need to express your ideas visually? You may feel the urge to stand up at a whiteboard where

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Why Use Digital Workspaces Once We Can Work Together?

The unexpected rash of business shutdowns and work-from-home arrangements sparked by the COVID-19 crisis exposed the need for virtual collaboration

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A Surprising Antidote For Zoom Fatigue

One of the more common symptoms arising from the “new normal” of remote work is Zoom fatigue: the exhaustion, burnout, and stress that accompany

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