Brittany H.

25 OCT 2021

The user research we did in July really conveyed that same pain point. We can utilize the UX team to iron out these last few items!

Carrie W.

Stephen A.


Need a seamless transition from sign up to User Onboarding

SOZO makes virtual teams winning teams.


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our product

Built from the ground up for virtual work.

Sozo is a dynamic, digital studio where professionals, educators, students and teams can assemble to build, design, create, envision, and make decisions. Flexibility and user creativity are key to Sozo’s power. Create Portfolios and Projects with Drawing Boards and Work Rooms to suit the work you and your team need to do.


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SOZO’s digital drawing board let’s teams create and design winning projects.
SOZO is a dynamic, digital collaboration studio where freelancers, professionals, educators and students can virtually assemble. 

Create Freestyle

Every drawing board has break-out areas where your team can sync up, collaborate, and work in groups up to 20 people.


At any time, zoom out and work on the main drawing board together.


Start small, finish big.

Collaborate Naturally

Discuss your ideas, comment on ideas as they appear on the drawing board, post feedback outside of the meeting or chat privately with team members.

Be Human

With video built into your Drawing Board workspace, SOZO enables human interactions in any project. Visual and virtual collaboration succeed with real-time connections.

Facilitators use SOZO to

Brainstorm Ideas

Do Agile Work

Map Processes

Make Decisions

Design Products

More ways to work

Sozo is versatile out of the box. Your teams unique needs are met, and you can hit the ground running

Agile Design

Enable your team’s works sprints so you can envision your minimal viable product and then get to work

Processs Mapping

Develop process flows, assign owners, and communicate how to get work done

Group Facilitation

Bring people together and facilitate dynamic work sessions that utilize various techniques like voting, brainstorming, small group break-outs, and sorting

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