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Imagine what your team can brainstorm, create or design with a platform that goes far beyond video conferencing.

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    25 OCT 2021

    The user research we did in July really conveyed that same pain point. We can utilize the UX team to iron out these last few items!

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    Need a seamless transition from sign up to User Onboarding

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    Built from the ground up for virtual work.

    Sozo is a dynamic, digital studio where professionals, educators, students and teams can assemble to build, design, create, envision, and make decisions. Flexibility and user creativity are key to Sozo’s power. Create Portfolios and Projects with Drawing Boards and Work Rooms to suit the work you and your team need to do.


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    Every Drawing Board has countless Work Rooms where your team can break-out and work in small groups. Bring your ideas and creations back together on the main Drawing Board so your team can work synchronously or asynchronously.

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    As teams collaborate, some parts of the work process are creative and other parts are evaluative. Let everyone contribute then weigh in and share your input.